led screen

  • Starting in 2019, the latest products from the Euromedia portfolio;
  • High visual impact due to the latest technology equipment used;
  • 5 screens in partnership with Samsung;
  • Dimensions adapted to the location features – 17sqm, 45sqm, 72sqm, etc;
  • Located in high traffic areas: intersections, streets and boulevards.
  • Very flexible in terms of implementation (the campaigns can be changed in real time if necessary).
Led Product Led Product Led Product


  • Iluminated, allows light to get through poster ;
  • Cam have multiple dimensions 8 mp, 12 mp, 18 mp, 24 mp, 36mp, 48 mp;
  • Placed either on the ground or on buildings in main cities, in high traffic areas: junctures, streets, boulevards;
  • Ideal for brand awareness and product characteristics;
  • Poster type: vinyl (PVC).
Backlit Product Backlit Product Backlit Product


Billboard Product Billboard Product
  • Large advertising displays (front lit or unlit) highly visible from a distance.
  • Surface of 6 sqm, 12 sqm, 18 sqm, 24 sqm, 32 sqmp, 37 sqm;
  • Located usually along roads in every city, and also on building sides and facades, on the ground or kiosks;
  • Ideal for brand awareness and product features presentation;
  • Poster type: blueback paper or self-adhesive – depending on campaign duration.


  • Dynamic advertising displays, illuminated from the inside, with 3 or 5 rolling posters in predetermined order and for set amount of time each (usually between 10 or 20 seconds);
  • Placed in central areas of the main cities, usually considered premium locations;
  • They have five times the impact of a standard format, mainly due to their dynamics;
  • Poster type: vinyl (PVC).
Scroller Product Scroller Product

bus shelter
& city light

Bus Shelter Product Bus Shelter Product Bus Shelter Product
  • Illuminated advertising displays of 1,76 sqm, intended mainly for pedestrian traffic;
  • They are usually placed on the ground, but also on the walls in subway stations;
  • They are ideal for communicating sales promotions, special offers, products launches or events;
  • Poster type: white back.

transit AND

  • Transit advertising generally uses the space found on the outside or inside public transportation vehicles such as:
    • buses
    • trolleys
    • trams
  • Directional panels are advertising signs whose purpose is to direct the public to the advertiser’s premises: flags, panels or lighted boxes on pillars.
  • Transit advertising is ideal for product & promotion campaigns, as well as for creating brand notoriety.
Tranzit Product Tranzit Product Tranzit Product Directional Product Directional Product


Tranzit Product Tranzit Product
  • Double-faced large advertising formats, with a surface of 40 to 80 sqm;
  • Positioned on heavy traffic highways and national roads, unipoles are visible from both road ways;
  • They are ideal for promotion of: destinations of thetravelers (restaurants, gasstations, hotels), automotives, building materials, beverages, retail, airways, telecommunications, local businesses;
  • Poster type: digital printed PVC, mounted on metal frame.


  • Recommended for established brands, trivision large formats are situated in highly populated areas of Bucharest and have high impact & attractiveness.
  • Trivisions are ideal for established brands promotion, image campaigns, as well as for tactical messages.
Trivision Product


Atipic Product Atipic Product Atipic Product
  • Special projects are on demand large formats, customized for each client in order to obtain higher visibility of the client’s brand, product or services.
  • They allow for unlimited creativity;
  • They provide a memorable communication;
  • They can be done on all types of panels.
  • Special projects bring freshness and innovation to the campaign.