Being on the Romanian outdoor advertising market ever since its beginning, EUROMEDIA became market leader over time, due to the variety of range and the large number of billboards with national coverage.


We particularly appreciate the special outdoor project presented by Euromedia, a project created specifically for Magic FM brand and for Santa’s radio campaign, which brought the public closer to the holiday spirit.

Anne-Marie Ionescu, MAGIC FM & ROCK FM

This year, aiming at promoting both “The beer break” and the reopening of the famous terrace of the Inn, following the discussions with our partners, Euromedia and Beta Cons, we reasoned that a special outdoor project is the best way of promotion: big, suggestive, with a short text and to the point! The message drawn up by the creation agency needed an adequate space for exposure and Euromedia and Beta Cons team gave us exactly what we needed. We can say with satisfaction, as much as we can quantify at this time, that our campaign is already starting to yield results. Daily we are visited by people wishing to take their beer break in the Inn’s Garden.


We are working with Euromedia and Beta Cons for 2 years at the creation of outdoor promoting projects of the travel agency, the results being very good due to the professionalism that they showed. We appreciate the prompt answers and the locations chosen carefully both in Bucharest and in the country. Elfida Nebi and Razvan Gaidarof are the professionals who did everything possible to make our choices be the most suitable according to our target. Congratulations!


We appreciate very much the creativity, flexibility and professionalism demonstrated by EUROMEDIA and BETA CONS team in achieving National Geographic project in Romania “You're one of the 7 billion” which recently won “Best Brand Promotion” prize in Washington DC. We are glad that we worked together to achieve it and we will certainly be partners in the future for other projects as well, at least as interesting as this one.


24 hours a day, 7 days a week, outdoor advertising delivers your message over and over to target demographics. Think OUTDOOR!

Outdoor advertising is any type of advertising that reaches the consumers while they are outside the home. It is focused on marketing to consumers when they are "on the go" in public places, in transit or in commercial centers.

Today, outdoor advertising has a key role in brand development. It is often given a leading role in the media mix due to its extensive coverage with low costs, as wel as to the impact that it generates on its target audience.

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