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The intense and cluttered traffic of the capital city has lead to a significant increase in the number of people who use subway as the vehicle of choice in their daily commute across Bucharest. Thus, in any working day, over one third of the total population will travel by subway.

In a working day, more than a third of people in Bucharest choose to travel by metro. They access the subway stations daily, travelling on corridors and bridges and spending an average of ten minutes in waiting areas.

Through our Metrorex panel network, our clients benefit from: 

- access to a large group of consumers;                       - frequent and regular visualization of their message by end users;                                                                - optimal quality of the ads irrespective of weather.

For more efficient subway campaign planning, we can provide results of a dedicated subway study conducted by CCSB research company in order to determine the audience (GRP. Reach), as well as the socio-demographic profile of travelers for each particular subway station.

Besides the standard media available in subway stations – city lights and backlits, our subway network includes numerous branding possibilities, such as illuminated boxes inside the trains, floor graphics, personalization of poles, stairs, chairs, turnstiles and even magnetic cards.

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