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Creative guidelines: tips & tricks

"Outdoor is the art of persuasion in its simplest form. By comparison with other media, it must send the message in just a few seconds." (Rob Morris and Steve Grounds, Great Outdoor)

Outdoor advertising is recognized globally as one of the most creative types of communication.

The success of a campaign depends to a great extent of the concise character and the legibility of the advertising message because the potential duration of exposure is very short, lasting few seconds. 

For an outdoor visual of impact it is recommended the use of contrasting colours, visible from the distance. The lack of colour contrast on a panel may lead to the loss of the message.

Also, an outdoor visual that allows the view by the consumers of the benefits of a product generates a greater impact on consumers. It is recommended that these are carefully selected and listed in brief.

People give life to an advertisement. Outdoor visuals depicting adults or children alongside the promoted product create a powerful emotional impact, accentuating the respective product.

The use of a picture within the layout together with the promoted product increases the degree of recognition and attribution.

Highlighting the logotype on outdoor posters ensures a greater impact of the campaign and helps the increase of notoriety of the promoted brand.

It is very important that visual created for an outdoor campaign contains contact details: phone number, a website. Thus, consumers could obtain more information, having available an immediate means of reaction.


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