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Outdoor advertising persuadesdownload

The study shows the impact that outdoor advertising has among consumers, by measuring the attitudinal-behavioural elements on outdoor advertising in general, and by measuring the central elements of performance for POC campaign (notoriety, appreciation / rejection, understanding, efficiency, etc. .).

Research structure took into consideration two distinct modules: media professionals and ordinary consumers.

84% of the respondents have a positive attitude towards outdoor advertising. They consider it informative and useful in real life situations.

For 44% of the participants to the study, outdoor ads work like a trigger, prompting them to remember other types of ads for the respective product, such as TV commercials.

22% of the respondents who remember the POC campaign consider it interesting, of impact and even funny; for another 21%, POC ads render the impression of a new product launch.

A comparative demographic analysis of the end users’ attitudes and opinions shows few differences across demographic categories. This goes to prove that outdoor advertising is currently a generally efficient medium for all demographic groups.

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