The special project made by Euromedia and Beta Cons for National Geographic magazine won “Best Brand Promotion” prize


The magazine National Geographic Romania won “Best Brand Promotion” prize for the campaign “You’re one of the 7 billion”, carried out last autumn. The prize was awarded at the National Geographic Society Gala that took place in early May in Washington DC where 42 countries participated.

The campaign “You're one of the 7 billion” took place on different media (print, online, social media) and was based on the special project proposed and implemented by EUROMEDIA and BETA CONS team at Unirii 2 subway station.

National Geografic

The theme of the campaign was signaling the rapid growth of population and the necessity to find solutions for life extension on Planet. For EUROMEDIA and BETA CONS team, the challenge was to find and implement a creative communication solution, by means of which the message of the campaign could be efficiently transmitted, according to the brief received from the client.

Bogdan Vasile, Chief Executive Officer Euromedia & Beta Cons: “This success represents the concrete example of objective assumed and fulfilled in the mentioned period. 2 years ago we wanted to win a prize in a creative competition together with one of our clients to show that we are a creative, intelligent and talented team who can provide suitable solutions to any communication campaign. We made it!”

The special project proposed by EUROMEDIA and BETA CONS, considered by National Geographic as the most suitable to illustrate the message, consisted in the decoration with a poster of 40 sqm of a wall on Unirii 2 subway station platform. The visual represents National Geographic poster “The world of seven billion” with the detailed map of the Planet and details regarding the implications of this figure achieved in October 2011. A counter was placed on the left side of the poster showing, live, the increase of the Planet’s population to 7 billion people. In order to convey as faithfully as possible the idea that all people need to use planet's resources in a responsible way, the passenger’s seats were painted in yellow with the engraved message “You are one of the 7 billion”.

National Geographic’s choice of the special project at the subway station, as the main component of the campaign, was based on the twenty years of experience and know-how of Euromedia and Beta Cons team in creating and implementing marketing solutions adapted to the clients’ communication needs, in Metrorex network.

Ruxandra Chiurţu, Marketing Manager National Geographic & National Geographic Traveler:

“We appreciate very much the creativity, flexibility and professionalism demonstrated by EUROMEDIA and BETA CONS team in achieving National Geographic project in Romania “You're one of the 7 billion” which recently won “Best Brand Promotion” prize in Washington DC. We are glad that we worked together to achieve it and we will certainly be partners in the future for other projects as well, at least as interesting as this one.”

“Best Brand Promotion” award for the campaign bearing National Geographic’s signature, which was based on the project at the subway station, is further proof that special creative projects generate impact, bringing awareness to the promoted brands. Outdoor advertising is thus recognized as an important component of the media mix.

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