Changes In Management Structure for EUROMEDIA and BETACONS


EUROMEDIA and BETA CONS, members of EPAMEDIA, announce changes in the management structure of the two companies. Effective immediately, Delia Hempel has been appointed Chief Financial Officer of EUROMEDIA and BETACONS, following the departure of former EUROMEDIA and BETACONS CFO, Claudiu Manolescu.

We hereby thank Claudiu Manolescu for his valuable contribution to the success of EUROMEDIA and BETA CONS and extend a warm welcome to Delia Hempel, current CFO of EUROMEDIA and BETA CONS.

With fifteen years of experience in the field of finance, Delia Hempel joins Bogdan Vasile, CEO of EUROMEDIA and BETA CONS, in managing the leading company for public space advertising in Romania. Mrs. Hempel will coordinate the Media department and the support departments of EUROMEDIA and BETA CONS: Financial, Legal, IT, HR and Administrative.

The new EUROMEDIA and BETACONS CFO formerly occupied the position of Financial Director for Toyota Romania.

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